You can live the American Dream, right here at home.

The Ohio Promise means empowering people to pursue their idea of the American Dream and that begins with giving them the education and skills to make their own choices. So we are going to work for Ohioans to ensure quality pre-K is affordable and available to all children. And we are taking the same approach with our public schools by fixing the broken funding formula so each child can go to school in modern classrooms with dedicated teachers. And we pledge to make college and technical training affordable for students and their families.

The Ohio Promise means keeping generations of Ohioans in the Buckeye State, but we need more than just educational opportunities to keep talent here. We pledge to work for pay equity throughout Ohio, that technologies required to run a thriving business reach every corner of our state, and to provide incentives for the state to contract with companies committed to creating good jobs and keeping Ohioans working right here at home. Our promise to Ohioans is that you and your children do not need to leave Ohio to make their dreams a reality. 

Key Issues:

School Funding
Career Pathways
College Affordability
Invest in Early Childhood Health & Education
Small Business Development
Strengthen Apprenticeship Programs & Vocational Education
Job Training
STEM/Stay in Ohio Incentive
College Tuition for Military Reserves
Expanded Kindergarten and Pre-K Opportunities
Last Mile Broadband Expansion to Rural Areas
Reduce Carbon Footprint
Increase Public Transit Funds
Electric Vehicle Market
Wrap Around School Services
Protect Collective Bargaining