Family comes first.

Family comes first. The Ohio Promise will put families first by putting more money into their monthly budgets, making doctor visits and medicine more affordable and available. We support family values, but more importantly, we value families. Our pledge is to work every day to make the lives of working families in Ohio better.

We’re going to fight poverty by helping people get to work in good paying and fulfilling jobs. And we’re going to strengthen the bonds of our families with the parental leave act, by curbing domestic violence, and by providing the best pre and post-natal care in the country to reduce the number of babies dying prematurely.

Key Issues:

Paid Family Leave Insurance
Increase Child Care Availability
Health Education Standards
Maternal & Child Health Care
STD Testing to Reduce Infant Mortality
Good Samaritan Protection
Eliminate Spousal Exception
Child Exploitation Penalties
Kinship Navigator
Foster Care
Eliminate Sales Tax on Feminine Hygiene Products & Baby Diapers
Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
End Marriage Tax Penalty
Support Family Caregivers