If you work hard, you can get ahead.

The Ohio Promise means respecting the hard work that you do every day by working to make sure you can get ahead in life. The problem is too many hard working Ohioans have not been treated fairly. We pledge to make the system work for working people instead of against them. The Ohio Promise gives tax breaks and incentives to working people and we believe it is time to give working people the raise they’ve earned by upping the minimum wage in Ohio.

The Ohio Promise also means making sure one job is good enough so we pledge to hold companies accountable to their employees and provide fair wages, benefits and security. And if you work overtime, the Ohio Promise means you get paid for your extra hours. This is fair for workers and for businesses and it will make Ohio stronger.

Key Issues:

EITC tax credit
Equal Pay Task Force
Proof of Pay Stubs to Fix Misclassification
Increase Minimum Wage
Overtime Protection
Pay Equity Hotline
Improving Access to Capital
Micro Business Development
Close LLC Loophole