You can live, work and retire with safety and security.

The Ohio Promise means you can live, work and retire with safety and security. At every stage of their lives, Ohioans deserve to feel safe and secure in their communities. We pledge to work to improve the lives of people at every stage of their journey. 

We’re pledging to help our young people by addressing the disease of addiction by getting our loved ones the support and treatment they need for a chance to survive.

The Ohio Promise also means truly respecting seniors by helping them live in their homes by reducing their property taxes and providing the best in-home or retirement community care. And we need to lower the price for prescription drugs.

Key Issues:

Aisha’s Law
Prescription Drug Costs
Pharmacy Benefit Reforms
Homestead Exemption Expansion
Justice Reform
Black Lung Protections
School Safety
State & County Program Development to Respond to Mass Layoffs
Strengthen Prevailing Wage
Memory Health Training
Protect Emergency Room Care Coverage
Elderly Scam Protections
Ohio Veterans Trust Fund
Drug and Poison Centers
Non-Opioid Pain Management
Red Flag Law to Protect Victims of Domestic Violence
Statute of Limitations on Rape
2-Person Crew Required for Train Safety
Bail Reform
Sentencing Reform
Protect Women’s Access to Healthcare
Reagan Tokes Act II
Protect Pensions
Underage Human Trafficking Reform
Senior Savings Plan
Protect Healthcare & Medicaid Expansion