We work for you.

The Ohio Promise means as your elected lawmakers we pledge to come to Columbus, go to work for you, and get the job done. We know you don’t want petty politics to get in the way of moving Ohio forward so our pledge is to check our egos and our politics at the door and get to work.

This starts with protecting the sanctity of your vote with open elections for all registered voters. We pledge to protect your community and your right to keep Columbus in check so we pledge to give your schools back to you and stop the state takeover of local schools that has harmed our children and our neighborhoods. We need to improve the quality of life in your community by lowering your costs for utilities, ensuring your drinking water is clean, clear and crisp and protecting our treasured great Lake Erie.

Key Issues:

End School Takeovers
Automatic Voter Registration
Stop Giving For-profit Charter Schools First Option for Buying Public School Buildings
5-day School Record Transfer
Agency Transparency on Harassment & Discrimination
Vote by Mail
Reduce Campaign Contribution Limit
Restore Local Government Funds
Increase Library Funding
Audit JobsOhio
Restore Funds to Financially Distressed Communities
Water Quality Improvement
Injection Well & Brine Safety
Replace Water Lines
Wind Energy Setbacks
Reclamation of Abandoned Mines
Severance Tax Returned to Locals